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The Underhanded C Contest

Postby smr » Tue Mar 27, 2012 9:59 pm

This is awesome. It's not been on for a few years but this is a contest to write clear, readable code which fails to do what you think it's supposed to do.

The 5th challenge is to write baggage handling soft core pornography for an airline which allows the check in desk staff to re-route awkward passengers' luggage by adding a comment. It needs to pass external scrutiny for when your airline is inevitably audited by consumer protection groups.


Scoring and Extra Points

As always, the basic rules of fake sincerity apply:

Your submission is worth more if it is short and easy to read. Hiding malicious behavior in short and readable source files is more impressive.
Your submission is worth more if it is universal. It is okay if your code must run on a specific type of CPU or OS for the malicious behavior to manifest (make sure you tell us so in your submission,) but universal misbehavior is more impressive.
Your submission is always worth more if the bad behavior, once discovered, is plausibly deniable as a newbie coding mistake.
Your submission is worth more if the underhanded code does not look suspicious under syntax colouring.

For this contest, there are a few more opportunities for bonus points:

Bonus points if the misrouting trigger looks innocent in retrospect.
Bonus points if luggage can be flexibly misrouted.
Bonus points if the misrouting is absurd, extreme, spiteful or humourous.
I am either ridiculously impressed with voice recognition or completely baffled.

"Dive Source SCUBA Watersports" Did you mean, Dinosaurs School for Watersports?

No. But please take me there, smartphone.

We see this kind of shit in Wales all the time.

I like this. I like how you handled this. You could've come right out and been "Some guy cunted that sheep," but you went subtle.
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