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Postby smr » Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:27 am

This is the opposite end of the Adam's flaccid, embarrassingly fatuous erectile tissue market to what I'm usually looking at. A company called SuperMicro has designed a new HPC-in-a-box solution that, yes, costs thousands and thousands of pounds but the graphic cards alone are good for 5.2 teraflops and if you're willing to pay they'll stick 256GB of RAM in it along with two eight core Xeon E5s (up to 2.70GHz, 20MB cache). I'm honestly not sure what you could possibly need it for but it could do it.

http://www.thinkmate.com/System/SuperSe ... -TRF-FC407

Interesting things for me are that this a single box that you can plug into a regular 13A wall socket, run regular code on and crunch an incredible amount of numbers. It's reached a point where most things have computational requirements that can be satisfied by something like this at the very most, and it also means that there are few situations where you have to not do something because you haven't got the computational capacity.
I am either ridiculously impressed with voice recognition or completely baffled.

"Dive Source SCUBA Watersports" Did you mean, Dinosaurs School for Watersports?

No. But please take me there, smartphone.

We see this kind of shit in Wales all the time.

I like this. I like how you handled this. You could've come right out and been "Some guy cunted that sheep," but you went subtle.
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