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A Windows 8 review

Postby Hamwise » Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:49 am

Not very impressed thus far. The Metro experience of this beta Consumer Preview is non-existent for me, as every native Metro app insists my screen resolution (1280x720) is too small for anything to run. Sorry, no Metro for you sir. What's more, the Start button is gone. No really, gone. If you want to launch any application, you need to go to Metro. And getting there isn't obvious - you basically need to move your mouse to where the Start button used to be, which is now a small empty space. A bizarre twin-desktop experience, one that just makes Windows more difficult to use.

Sure, IE10 is swish (but still loathsomely behind such web standards as, you know, embedded media), and other native Desktop utilities are looking much nicer. Indeed, the whole desktop experience is prettier, but is almost vindictively crippled by its retarded younger brother.

Windows 8 would be awesome without Metro and with an actual Start button with an actual complete collection of Start button-derived functions, and not a hidden repository locked confusingly away behind a full-screen toy. Metro is an integral part of the experience, not only in terms of applications (Solitaire is now Metro-only, and thus I can't run it as a result of my resolution), but in terms of sheer access to the rest of the system, and is impossible to disable or limit your access to. I've heard about a third-party vendor developing a new Start button for Windows 8, though. I shall have to keep my eyes peeled.

It's sad to think that Metro has been the prime source of investment, energy and change from Microsoft proceeding development of Windows 7. While there are some changes on the desktop, there aren't many that make an improvement on Windows 7. And while sure, I can happily use Ubuntu instead, 99% of people can't, and won't. Windows 8 is a sure sign of calamity ahead, a world of app stores, dumbed-down OS's and centralised control.

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