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Kirby CMS

Postby smr » Wed Feb 15, 2012 2:05 am

This is a no database CMS for web sites. It's pretty barebones and lacking extensions and so on because, for reasons that will become clear in the next paragraph, next to no one uses it. It's a hybrid of database driven content management systems and static site generators. It doesn't need the same footprint as an XAMP based CMS but it still needs you to execute a fair amount of dynamic code. You should be able to handle a lot more throughput with this than drupal or so on, and it will handle less than a static HTML pusher. In exchange you lose multi-user features and authentication. All your website content is in the public facing web server and so, if you know the address, you can access it.

The main eh-what thing is that they're charging £24.99 per website (a single domain including sub-domains that operate as a single entity) for using it. The site says that this is supposed to be small enough that you (big shot web designer) can just bill the client for it without them noticing. It's not £24.99 better than wordpress. Without being able to make someone else pay for it it's arguably a lot of money to pay for php scripts in this day and age.

That said, they do have a free trial for non-production use.

I think that something like Jekyll is probably a better idea for most cases where this would come in useful, although the ability to generate new pages on the server from text is a good thing.

Example sites:
I am either ridiculously impressed with voice recognition or completely baffled.

"Dive Source SCUBA Watersports" Did you mean, Dinosaurs School for Watersports?

No. But please take me there, smartphone.

We see this kind of shit in Wales all the time.

I like this. I like how you handled this. You could've come right out and been "Some guy cunted that sheep," but you went subtle.
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