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Desktop gaming

Postby Starky » Thu Feb 18, 2016 1:31 pm

reference this sort of thing: https://www.jumia.com.eg/asus-rog-gr8-i ... 86689.html

The last time I played a video game on a desktop (other than pokemon roms) was probably one of our impromptu LAN parties at James' however many years ago. Lurking various forums and looking at screenshots/watching stuff on Twitch fairly actively on a 24" screen at work did get me thinking how much more immersive the experience can be, though.

There's no necessary reason why getting a desktop that's not eyewateringly expensive to play modern games should be impossible for people with no hardware knowledge. After all, the typical modern gaming laptop cost also costs a fair bit.
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smr wrote:This is a thread I wasn't sure was exactly suitable for the "Sports" forum :P

True, but we sadly don't have a "Furious Masturbation" forum.

Brainwave: we should have a "Furious Masturbation" forum.

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