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Postby smr » Tue Apr 30, 2013 7:13 pm

Now on mirror is [Recettear - An Item Shop’s Tale](http://bantermarket.com/labs/mirror/rec ... ettear.bin).
It’s a game in which a little girl and a fairy run a shop. Sounds adorable, right?

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No. Shit’s dark. Image

Great game, totally recommend. I reckon you should use a gamepad to get the most out of it. Just mount and install the disc image.
I am either ridiculously impressed with voice recognition or completely baffled.

"Dive Source SCUBA Watersports" Did you mean, Dinosaurs School for Watersports?

No. But please take me there, smartphone.

We see this kind of shit in Wales all the time.

I like this. I like how you handled this. You could've come right out and been "Some guy cunted that sheep," but you went subtle.
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