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How should ATOS handle paralympians?

Postby smr » Sat Sep 08, 2012 5:53 pm

Some background, ATOS is a private company that holds the contract to carry out assessments for people claiming Employment Support Allowance. This is a benefit intended for people with such severe disabilities that it limits their capability to work. The assessment involves fitting your capabilities into a points based system reflecting the severity of your mental or physical disability.

There was an interview on C4 news today which included the point that, once the games are finished, the athletes will go back to their daily lives and many of the British paralympians will go for this assessment. The phrase used was "ATOS will use their medals against them", in that if they are fit enough to compete at an international level in their sport they are fit enough to work.

I'm not ATOS' biggest fan but doesn't that seem reasonable? Should paralympic athletes, subject to their individual conditions, be considered too disabled to work?
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