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Syrian airstrikes

Postby Starky » Mon Dec 07, 2015 7:55 am

Regarding the UK Syrian airstrikes vote, I'm not sure it's necessarily as bad as its opponents say it is, but it's definitely not good either.

Kurds (and Assyrians fighting with them) are the keys to containing and, perhaps, ultimately weakening ISIS. Airstrikes in Iraq have generally been coordinated with Kurdish attacks - a good example of that is November in Sinjar when the UK (at least) droned and bombed ISIS positions in a coordinated way with the Kurdish/Assyrian ground assault. This is probably what we want to be seeing more of; conversely, strategic bombing is completely pointless unless it's implemented on a large scale (bad because £££ and gateway to even more involvement; also impossible with only 16 planes and 10 drones...), and moreover it leads to open season in the lefty media. Every bomb dropped on some random inconsequential place in the Syrian desert is one fewer which could have been used where it's actually needed.

One of the barriers to a reasonably effective Kurdish armed force is Turkey. Turkey continues to drone Kurds fighting ISIS in northern Syria and Iraq. The downing of the Russian plane by Turkey provides a precedent for us to a certain extent: the least that the UK government needs to be doing is stepping up pressure on Turkey to stop droning Kurds. I would even argue that if Turkey continues sending drones into Iraqi airspace to attack anti-ISIS forces then the UK should start taking action to interdict.

Chances of these things happening are practically zero.
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