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Postby Starky » Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:45 am

I think the opener here is that Arab states need to be doing more to take Syrian refugees. I'm looking at Saudi Arabia in particular (the number of actual refugees they've taken remains single-digit afaik), but you also have other Gulf states which aren't too keen to take migrants. I don't think it's fair that Europe's expected to shoulder much of the burden here. If Saudi/Qatar/etc don't like having to take refugees, this would encourage them to cut their support for anti-government forces in Syria. It works alright for Bahrain: they've taken a pretty good amount of refugees considering the small population there (when I last checked), and they're probably going to continue doing that because it's a great way for them to rebalance their population away from having a majority of Shiites (whether we ought to encourage that is a question I suppose, but it's definitely a lesser problem and one for the future, I think).

That said, I think a combination of the UK taking more refugees and taking action against the root cause of the problem is the way to go. While parliament refused Cameron's suggestion a while back for greater military involvement, direct military action isn't the only thing that can be done. Political pressure on Turkey to stop droning on Kurdish militias and the USA to stop training Syrian rebels who often end up fighting for ISIS would be a great start: the idea is not to get more involved in Syria, rather to encourage other countries to get less involved.

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smr wrote:This is a thread I wasn't sure was exactly suitable for the "Sports" forum :P

True, but we sadly don't have a "Furious Masturbation" forum.

Brainwave: we should have a "Furious Masturbation" forum.

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