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Dates are 30th June until 18th July. It'd be great if you could make it, but no hard feelings if other commitments keep you back.

Aha, that'll explain the CySEC blog post. All makes sense now. Oh well, things seem to be going a little better for you then, I dare say I wasn't alone in feeling concerned about you guys hanging around in Egypt.

Liking Cyprus so far? I always tended to conquer Cyprus as a tactical entry point to Egypt while playing as the Greek City States. Or as Egypt, it made a good boost to my innumerable slave Nubian Spearmen armies. I trust Cyprus is proving as useful and tactical to you right now.

And what's with this "Mark" all of a sudden? C'mon, you know my name.
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Published on by starky (Titled: ID Vodka)

The standard vodka from al-Ahram. This is a half-litre bottle, but it also comes in litre bottles. 58g, 40% ABV.

Preparation is really important with vodka - make sure it's been in the freezer for at least a few hours before serving. Don't mix it or put ice or water in it.

Looks quite thick and creamy. Maybe a slight blue tint, but otherwise clear. Slight whiff of grain and maybe green herbs but otherwise no particular nose.

Texture on drinking is quite thick and viscous yet it still tastes fairly soft and smooth. Mouthfeel slightly grainy but very short-lived.

This is alright assuming you prepare it properly. Goes well with blue cheese, biscuits, olives, stuff like that. Probably would drink again. 6/10.

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