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I'll vote for nobody because my electoral registration elapsed years ago.... :?

But I would have to vote SNP, providing I still lived in my old constituency of Paisley and Renfrewshire South. The constituency was once solidly Labour until the rise of the SNP; it's a two-horse race there. I find the SNP to be unnecessarily divisive, focus too strongly on independence, and can't help but resent the fact that had they pushed for devo-max instead of independence from the get-go (I've made this point before I think), a successful referendum on the matter would have been more likely than that of independence, offering meaningful change for Scotland and a chance for Scotland to express its broadly left-centre-leaning political persuasions without feeling too detached from the UK. The fact that they actually believed they stood a chance at securing independence makes you question their overall critical thinking skills as a political party. And I realize I say that with the benefit of ex-Nat hindsight. :roll:

However... the SNP have acted as a reasonably effective, and memorable, left-of-centre opposition to the Tories this term, and are quite proudly pro-EU, whereas nobody has any CUNTING clue where Labour actually stands on the EU. Also, Mhairi Black is a good laugh.

I'd totally vote Lib Dem if I lived in a constituency where they stood an actual chance. What's wrong with the Lib Dems?! I mean, they're totally useless, but they're warm and fuzzy.
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Published on by starky (Titled: ID Vodka)

The standard vodka from al-Ahram. This is a half-litre bottle, but it also comes in litre bottles. 58g, 40% ABV.

Preparation is really important with vodka - make sure it's been in the freezer for at least a few hours before serving. Don't mix it or put ice or water in it.

Looks quite thick and creamy. Maybe a slight blue tint, but otherwise clear. Slight whiff of grain and maybe green herbs but otherwise no particular nose.

Texture on drinking is quite thick and viscous yet it still tastes fairly soft and smooth. Mouthfeel slightly grainy but very short-lived.

This is alright assuming you prepare it properly. Goes well with blue cheese, biscuits, olives, stuff like that. Probably would drink again. 6/10.

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